Private cure Hawaiian Colon Cleansing

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Frau Bärbel Heitkamp


Hawaiian Colon Cleansing


Private Cure at the wonderful Artist Village Worpswede near Bremen 

An individually one-week fastening cure  and a cleansing for body, mind and soul

 Worpsweder Landschaft


Hawaiian Colon Cleansing is - besides of the cleaning of the body - a chance to release on all planes, for self-awareness and reorientation. Because of the intensive cleansing of the body the mental and emotional level often will be cleared, too, because all is connected. 

I offer the private cure at Worpswede for one or two guests in your self-chosen holiday home. Herefore you will get a selection of nice appartments in different price categories. You decide where you will stay during this week and book and pay the appartment separately.

During the cure you will get an idividual accompaniment that will fit for you.

We can do meditations, body and relaxation exercises, collage work, painting, inner work. You will also learn stomach massage for yourself. We will talk about nutrition so that after the cure you know what is good and healthy to eat.



It makes sense to explore the village and the surrounding by bicycle and visit the galleries, exhibitions and nice little shops if you are interested. If you want you can participate in one of the numerous tours in Worpswede, take a carriage ride by the location or the meadows or participate in a moor boat trip. If necessary, I will support you to organise it. 

If you want I can arrange a hair appiontment (home visit) or whatever is interesting for you. It is possilble to rent a bicycle in the bike shop, if the is no bicycle belonging to your appartment.

Even jogging or just only relaxing is possible and it feels important to listen to your body during this week. 

During the cure you can also book separately a Releasing session (Inner work based on Isa and Yolanda Lindwall), Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage or Energy work. This all is supporting the cleansing process. Card reading is a wonderful tool for reorientation.
The single sessions are not belonging to the cure program, only to be booked separately. 




All year round it is possible to take a swim here in Worpswede. In every season (except of the summer holidays) you can visit the Indoor Swimming. Additionally, in summertime you can take a swim in the river Hamme (see photo above), closed to nature in oxygen rich moor water, a benefacation for the senses. 


At the end of the week let yourself be surprised by an offer of fresh fruits and selfmade raw food.

obstteller   Grüner Smoothie   rohkostschokolade 


Please be aware:  Hawaiian Colon Cleansing is a way of cleaning and health maintenance. If you have any health problems please contact your doctor or therapist.  


Schedule of Hawaiian Colon Cleansing 

Start: Day 1 at 3.00 p.m. 

(If you are not arriving early enough, we can also start later without any problems)

3.00 p.m.: Welcome and Introduction 

4.00 p.m.:  1st herbal mixture

7.00 p.m.: 2nd herbal mixture

Day 2 - 6:

8.00 - ca. 10.00 a.m.: Drinking salt water and cleansing

1.00 p.m.: 1st herbal mixture

4.00 p.m.: 2nd herbal mixture

7.00 p.m.: 3rd herbal mixture

In the mornig after your time on the toilet there is plenty of time for relaxing, walking, biking or whatever you want to do. Around the herbal drinks I am available for conversations or single sessions. During these times we can decide if we make a collage, paint, meditate, learn the stomach massage or do a single session. 


Departure day:

8.00 a.m.: Drinking salt water and cleansing

11.00 a.m.: Final meeting with fastening break

1.00 p.m.: End and departure


Preparation for the cure:

Please start some days before the cure to reduce the amount of food and come more and more to vegan food. For having an easy start into the cure, it is good to leave off drinking coffee, black tea and alcohol, eating sugar and wheat. Otherwise you will get withdrawal symptoms during the first days. If you smoke, it´s good ti reduce it a bit.  
On arrival day please eat nothing else than fresh fruits or vegetable fruits (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, zucchini) as much as you want, some nuts or dried fruits. You can drink as much as you want. (water, herbal tea, dilute juice)

During the week before the cure starts I recommend to drink daily 1 - 2 cups of liver-gall-tea to prepare and support the liver for the cleansing process.


For a private cure we can arrange an individually appointment.


I look forward to meet you,

Bärbel Heitkamp

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