Do you also belong to the people
who in the bustle and stress of daily life
often forget or do not take time,
to do sth. good for themselves to take care
of their health and well-being?

My offer is to support you regaining your well-being,
and guide you on your way "back to lightness". 

For this purpose, I have several options available:

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage: The "Queen of Massages", an oasis of relaxation to retreat from the hustle of everyday life

Hawaiian Colon Cleansing: A holistic fasting cure using herbal drinks to release deposits in the colon and, a method to purify body, mind and soul simultaneously.

Releasing: Detect blockages, fears, old behavioural patterns and release them to free yourself.

Energy Work: Rebalances your energy system, nurtures your inner core and keeps it healthy.

Card Readings: Based on Tarot readings but using postcards instead, I support you to find answers about your actual position in life, self-awareness and decision-making.


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