Basically, our life energy and a healthy core moves in all our electromagnetic force fields, both within and outside of our body.

If this force is disturbed in their river, suffers the inner core.

The effects of this are in very different ways recognizable (mentally) and felt (emotionally).

This is where the energy work that is suitable for all people, even if it is not a substitute for medical therapies.
The active and passive energy lines are pulses again flowed and balanced.

This can result in the following positive effects:

- Inner relaxation, peace and serenity
- better joint mobility and promote the elasticity of muscles and connective tissue
- better blood flow and increase the oxygen content of the blood
- sophisticated self-awareness
- Balance and clarification on mental and emotional level
- Support and advance in the use of other methods

It should be obvious to every man to cultivate his inner core regularly and get healthy.

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