Releasing was founded in the late 70s by the American doctor and healer couple Dr. E.E. and Ruth Lindwall (Isa and Yolanda) as a result of decades of work.

Releasing means "letting go" and is a simple but powerful method to free ourselves from old blockages, fears and anxieties, old conditioned behaviors, thoughts, patterns and textures that separate us from our "true self" , let them go to get backinto the natural flow of love.

In a deep relaxation we interact with our conscious and unconscious mental images. We can visualize our inside acting programs and decide which ones we want to let go now.

So often painful memories and experiences become neutralized, blocked or pent-up energies and negative thought patterns become discovered and resolved.

This brings us back to our source from pure joy, love, compassion and respect for ourselves and others.

In individual treatments, I will accompany you in a protected and confidential atmosphere through the RELEASING-process, and support you to you get rid of your old patterns, fears and emotional injuries and traumas and assist you to follow YOUR WAY - to the way of your soul - and open yourself for the divine love and healing.

During a weekend workshop you can experience the Releasing work and let go your old things to feel more free and happy.

RELEASING - remember who we really are and let go of what hinders us from living our full potential.

Working with Releasing does not replace any visit to the doctor, therapist or psychotherapist. It serves the inner liberation, self-awareness and development.


RELEASING means ...

Releasing focus the eyes to the inside, to our thoughts, feelings and those senses, which have little chance in the everyday life let go old patterns, fears, pains and blockages which prevent us from living our true selves.

In my workshops you will get to know RELEASING and experience deep insights of your own self. We will laugh, cry, dance and meditate together, celebrate life and ourselves and of course...


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